Competition Rules Morganti Contact Championships


Competition area:

  • Competition area must be flat and free of obstacles
  • Competition area must to have minimum area 4x4 mts2 , and maximum 10x10 mts2, is mandatory use safety area on the different color , one meter on the sizes.
  • referee line must to be included on the side of the athletes position.
  • two lines in front of the referee must to be included.
  • 2 referees must to stay on the safety area, behind the athletes , one of them in front of the central referee, seated behind the table. All referee must to use one red and one white flag (or similar).
  • the table referee must to stay seated using one table, out of the safety area, using the flags, pool sheet, warning sign and chronometer.


  • Is not allowed any sponsor sign, wall at one meter to the safety area
  • The mats used have to be adherent, but must to take low friction coefficient on the surface. Central referee must to make sure that the engage of the mats not be open during the competition, and must to be approved by the referee committee.


Official Uniform

  • Athletes and his coaches must to use official uniforms allowed by the federations
  • Referees council must to check that any involved not follow this regulation


  • Referees must to use the uniform allowed by the referees committee, they must to use in all competitions and referees courses.
  • The uniform must to be:
    • Pant and shirt ( allowed by referees committee)
    • Kimono. allowed by referees committee on this designation:
    • Clean and complete , no scratches or holes.
    • if the referee be a Black Belt, is mandatory use HAKAMA.
    • Not allowed religious , racist in the uniform.
    • Not allowed Kimono with the logos or names printed by the other martial arts.


  • Atheltes can use the national flag on the chest , left size of the jacket and can't take more that 12 cm x 8cm. One will use red belt, other with.
  • Referees committee can authorized use of some print on the kimono.
  • Jacket with the belt on it, have to cover the hips, must cannot trespassed ¾ of the leg.
    Ladies is allowed to use t-shirt under the jacket.
  • Long sleeve Max can be near of the wrists and small in the middle of the forearm.
  • Pants cannot touch on the ankle, and cannot stay higher than half of the Anat.
  • Hair must to stay clean , Hachimaki ( belt over the hair) is not allowed . If the referee consider that the hair is causing trouble for the fight he is allowed to stop the fight and dismiss the contender.
  • The nails must to be cut, cannot use metal or other material that cut.
  • Safety equipment is mandatory ( gloves, foot and mouth) . Groin protectors is not obligate.
  • Eye glasses is not allowed.
  • clothes not approved is not allowed.
  • all safety protectors must to be homologate by the federations.
  • Table referee that must to care for the safety equipment.


Criteria Victory


3 The points will be used by the criteria:
The referee will interpret the victory using the criteria:

  • A - Technical quality - athlete that show highest technical quality on the moves on punch and kick, throw or ground fight or 2 of them , or 3 of them.
  • B - Major search to attack - for the all mach or partially.
  • C - First warning
  • D - Second warning.

Obs.: The contender that have 2 warning in the end of match automatically lose the mach. If the 2 contender have 2 warnings, referees must to follow te A,B,C criteria.

Referees must to follow the vertical criteria that A must to be used first, if the both contenders have the same passing for the B, and C

  • If the 3 criteria are the same "tie" must to be proclaimed.
    Winning just will happened in the absolute majority (3 referees) rise the same flag.
    Obs.: Tie proclaimed by one referee not be point criteria.
  • On "tie" , one minute fight must to run, and even "tie" again golden poit must to happened.
  • Golden Point - No time limit, the contender that make point first or submission win.
  • Criteria of points:
    Punch and kick : perfect and controlled technique punches must to start and comeback to the guard, throws : must to be thrower on the ground with the perfect application technique.
    Obs.: Every time that some of the contenters make a technique, central referee must to stop the fight and speak "HANTEI" and see how flags will raise, and count loud that the contender have a absolute majority even not, fight Carrie on.
  • Ground Fight: If the attacker stay on the static position showing tired or no wish to search the strikes , central referee will count loud 1 to 5 , after that, if the attacker not move, stop the mach and re start on top.
  • Chronometer Must to Stop every time that the Central referee say "MATTE" and start on "HAJIME"
  • Central referee stops the fight on the following criteria's: Call Flag, Warning, medical stop.
  • Divisions 13, 14 years ol- d every ground fight strike must to be stopped for the central referee and continue the fight. The numbers of the submissions must to be available by the referees on the criteria A.
  • Central referee must to all Hantei in every situation that he need assistance about warnings or points criteria, including into the fight ( non stop fighting)


Warnings and Infractions


General Duties

  • Interpretation is to the referees and is consider: verbal notification, first warning, second warning, disqualification
  • Central referee must to aplly warning for the no attack .Warnings are cumulative.
    Obs.: Is consider warning: - Application of movement without technique - Intentional skip of mat on defense. - Speak during the match - Excess of contact - Throwing contender to front. - Malicious technique - threaten to use technique on the illegal region
  • Is not allowed intention to speak or any manifestation to the referees and the other contender as well.
  • This normative is extended to the time and members of the club. Scansions must to be interpretation by the referees.
    • Is not allowed devices that be used against the other contender, pull hair, bites, wrist lock or fingers, punch in the head and genital. Bleeding must to be checked by the medical crew. If the strike is made by the malicious referees will disqualified de attacker, if not central referee will check with the medical crew, they will give the signal to restart or not the match , if don't, disqualification is mandatory to the defender.
    • Is not allowed fight in 2 division on the same competition.
    • Disqualification must to be announcer by the central referee for the match or for the competition
    • Any decision can be for the one referee, they must to meet, or the central referee must to call HANTEI and 3 of the 4 referees must to raise the same flag to this decision are valid.
    • During the submission central referee can after check movimentation or signal that pass out stop the match and give the victory from the attacker.
      Obs.:In this case, central referee after stop the match, must to call the other referees, and call Hantei to check that all referees agree that the decision is absolute majority (3 referees) rise the same flag.If not, warning must to be allowed by the defender and the fight continue.
    • Hands and fingers cannot put on the eyes mouth or nose. Material of the jacket cannot blocking the face.
    • Awarding Organization team will decide awards before competition.
    • Kids 11 years old under must to be awarded by gold, and podium is just allowed if the all kids step on the first place.
    • Venue must to be choose by the federations.
    • Illumination must to by giving good condition to fight
    • Temperature cannot be under 5 and over 42 degrees celcius in the match area. Competition must to stop.
    • Team event : the time that take 4 wins first is proclaimed winner. Tie was points to all sides.
    • Duration of the matches:
      Males: 3 minutes
      Females: 2:30 minutes
      Under 18 years old:
        • Male 2:30 minutes
        • Female 2 minutes
      Festival ( under 11 years old): 1:30 minutes
      Divisions must to be decided by the federations before the competition, if some categories had only one contender the federation is allowed to join divisions.