Articles Responsibility of an Instructor

Author: Jonathan Thomson
Date: 22 July 2014

My Instructor

Without my instructors I would not be the teacher I am today. I've been training in various styles of Jujitsu, and each instructor has taught me something unique that I have been able to utilize and teach. I honour my instructors and do not disregard anything I've been taught. My instructors have evoked loyalty in my through their masterful teachings and I would like to pass this student teacher relationship on.

My Dojo

My Dojo is a family. Students keep the Dojo alive, so by keeping students active in the training environment keeps the Dojo progressing. The unit of the Dojo is the center of training without it training would lack the richness it currently holds. The Dojo is not just a hall; it could be a grassy patch in the park. Rather the Dojo holds the essence of Jujitsu, though control, sill and passing for the sport. It is the essence that enables the student to soar, to become masters and continue the philosophy of those before them. As an instructor I ensure the safety of my students and facilitate optimal growth.

The Federation

The Federation is the core that upholds the base of teachings; it sets the guidelines for the Constitution. The regulatory body ensures that the Jujitsu codes of conduct are maintained and upheld. Responsibilities towards the Federation will be to always abide by its rules and regulations. The Federation provides a platform that enables Dojo's to come together through seminars and training weekends that incorporate different styles. This inspires greater growth and unity within the Jujitsu family.

The art of Jujitsu

I've trained in various styles of martial arts, and it is the philosophy and art of the style that keeps the sport alive. It is the art that keeps the sport flourishing and students interested. Jujitsu is a dynamic sport and has grown over the years. My responsibility is to teach the art which unfolds in the masterful and flowing movements present in each technique, in the ability for the practitioner to read their opponents movements to predict their behavior and capitalize on the subtle shifts of weight as well as openings created through control and patience. Jujitsu is a powerful dance that allows expression of coordination and balance with skill to submit an opponent without excessive strength or risk of unnecessary injury. In that sense each Jujitsu student becomes their own artist and expresses their skill in their own unique way whilst still upholding the try values of the sport. My role as an instructor is to keep the art of Jujitsu always present in training and life.

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