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Author: Jonathan Thomson
Date: 14 September 2007

In the olden martial arts training days and in some martial arts clubs there is still a tunnel vision. This vision is focused only on their style of martial arts training not opening up to the different arts out there in our society. This vision needs to be changed in our modern day training methods.

There is no perfect martial art. The modern day training methods should include different styles and systems. Without these other styles or systems we will never get close to a perfect martial art.

With this in mind please look closer at cross training. With cross training we can improve our way of fighting. If a stand up fighting expert decides to study the art of grappling just think what he or she would be able to accomplish and visa versa, a grappler studying the art of stand up fighting.

Even if you study an art which covers normal stand up, the clinch and grappling; then you will also benefit out of cross training. Improving those smaller little details in how to do a proper/effective punch or kick, a effective/penetrating knee from the clinch, a take-down or throw from the clinch, strikes or knees from the grappling position or to get into a submission quicker or more effectively.

With cross training you don't just learn about the offensive part of the specific style or system, but also the defensive section of the style or system. How to block a punch or a kick coming your way, how to counter a well executed throw or take-down and how to get out of an hold down or submission hold on the ground.

Every style, system, club, instructor and student should be open to cross training for the development of the martial art and the players or fighters participating in that club. Without the diversity of different styles or systems we will never even come close to a perfect martial art. We as instructors of a club need to give our students everything you know and more. To do this we need some type of cross training or call it influence from a different style or system. Even if the to martial arts you are mixing is from the same background, it is essential to see if you can use something out of it to improve your style or system.

We must stop being so traditional and just say that you learnt something from a different style or system. We as fighters need to know how other systems' fighters think and react to teach our own fighters the defence to that specific attack or to be able to over power the fighter with his or her own style.

By doing cross training you do not loose the art of the martial art but only improve it for yourself and the student which will follow in your foot steps. And maybe someday we will have a perfect martial art, which covers all aspects of the competitive and real life-fighting situation.

With this in mind, let's start teaching our students the art of cross training; to make better and improved fighters.

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