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Sport Jujitsu

Author: Jonathan Thomson
Date: 23 January 2016

Sport Jujitsu was developed for students to compete in a controlled environment and test their skills against another opponent. Currently we have a few different rule sets. They all however do have the following similarities: Self Defence A display of self-defence techniques with limited resistance from the opponent. This is purely a...

Kawaishi Jujitsu

Author: Wikipedia
Date: 23 January 2016

Kawaishi was born in Kyoto in 1899 and having studied judo and jujutsu at the Dai Nippon Butokukai (Greater Japan Association of Martial Virtue). He left Japan in the mid-1920s to travel and see the world and began by touring the United States of America, teaching jujitsu particularly in New York and San Diego. By 1928 he had arrived in the United ...

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